Targeted SMS

Send SMS messages to your target audience from the lifecells subscriber base.
Send SMS messages to your target audience from lifecells subscriber base.
Targeted SMS
Choose the criteria for your campaign
Geo targeting
Region, city, district and street
Gender and age
According to the lifecell's analysis.
Based on the subscriber's spendings per month on telecommunication services
User interests
About 40 criteria, including: Cars, Cinema, Music, Sports, Beauty and Health, Leisure, etc.
Internet traffic
The average rate of used Internet traffic per month
Operating system of the device
Android, iOS or other
Audience who used roaming or not
Device model
Criteria by device vendors

Advantages of Targeted SMS

The "Targeted SMS" service allows you to send information to the client, who is most interested in this message.
Communicate directly with the target audience.
Own base
Use the lifecell base to attract new customers.
Promotional messages are delivered only to customers who have agreed to receive them.
Cost saving
High profitability of the advertising campaign due to targeting.
Service Price
0.50 UAH / SMS*
incl. VAT and PF
* The cost is indicated for targeted SMS - message taking into account the size of the minimum campaign, which should be not less than 10 000 messages within a month. In case of failure to reach this level, the minimum cost is set at 10 000 messages
lifecell provides this service in accordance with current legislation on personal data protection, namely - by profiling in its own information systems, without access to personal data of subscribers and without the involvement of any third parties. All information may be transferred to third parties (Customers) only in anonymous form.

Profiling refers to the analysis of anonymized and impersonal data to predict the circumstances specific to a particular impersonal group or groups of people.

lifecell is fully responsible in accordance with the law for the processing and storage of personal data in strict accordance with the processing and other requirements of the legislation in the field of personal data protection.
What is the minimum message quantity for the targeted campaign?
Minimum campaign must be at least 10,000 messages per month. In case of failure to reach this level, the minimum cost is set to 10 000 messages.
    What are the payment terms for the service?
    The billing is carried out for delivered SMS on post-payment terms.
    What criteria can be selected to form a campaign?
    Possible criteria for forming the database:
    • Geotargeting by home or work location (region, district region, city, city district, street);
    • Gender and age (based on lifecell analytical data);
    • The level of income based on monthly expenses for telecommunications services;
    • Internet traffic usage ;
    • Type of operating system (Android, iOS and others);
    • Device manufacturer ;
    • Roaming usage;
    • Interests (about 40 criteria, including: Cars, Cinema, Music, Sports, Beauty and Health, Leisure, etc.) ;
    The contact base is impersonal
    What are the requirements for the message content?
    •The message must have some benefits for the subscribers of lifecell - discount, special offer, etc.
    • You need to provide a Call Center reference number, which allows subscribers to clarify information or refuse mailing to their numbers.
    • SMS text :
    - Latin, the maximum length of the message is 160 characters
    - Cyrillic, maximum length of the message is 134 characters
    Can I look at your contact base?
    The subscriber base is not provided to the partner. Upon completion of the mailing, the report may be sent to the partner upon request.
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