SMS Bulk Messaging

Instantly send SMS messages to any phone.
Instantly send SMS messages to any phone.
SMS Bulk Messaging
Get more opportunities for business
Instant Delivery
Quickly inform about your promotions, new products, events.
Unique name
Alphanumeric name up to 11 characters.
Pay only for delivered messages.
Ability to register several Alphanumeric names at a time for one company.
Service Price
0.46 UAH / SMS
including VAT

Promotional or transactional text message

Monthly fee for access to fixed-line network
35.32 UAH
incl. VAT
Monthly fee for the usage of one or two alphanumeric names
100.00 UAH
incl. VAT
Monthly fee for the usage of three to five alphanumeric names (including)
250.00 UAH
incl. VAT

Monthly fee for the usage of six to ten alphanumeric names (including)
350.00 UAH
incl. VAT

Monthly fee for the usage of the dynamic alphanumeric Name
2525.00 UAH
incl. VAT
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What is «Alphanumeric name»?
«Alphanumeric name» is any combination of Latin letters and/or numbers with a maximum length of 11 symbols. The alphanumeric name you select will be displayed on the recipient's mobile phone instead of the GSM number. Alphanumeric name is usually used to display the name of your company or service. It is also possible to register several alphanumeric names simultaneously for one company.
    What type of connection can I use for the service?
    The service supports the following connections: Web-interface; API (IP2SMS): XML, JSON; SMPP 3.4;
    Who can use the service?
    This service can be used by any legal entity (resident of Ukraine) subject after signing an agreement on the implementation of Bulk SMS Messaging. This service is provided only to those companies that have confirmation of customers' agreement to receive information via short text messages.
    Who can receive Bulk SMS?
    Bulk SMS can be received by subscribers, who gave prior consent to receive informational messages from legal entities (residents of Ukraine), for instance, informational newsletter from a trademark, banks, insurance companies etc.